First results of migration of Geonkick fom Qt to Redkite GUI toolkit

Today I have finished to migrate Geonkick from Qt to Redkite GUI toolkit. The next stage is to start to add new features to the Geonkick synthesizer. Here you can see my developed Redkite toolkit in action. Everything you see, widgets, interactions, buttons, knobs, real-time kick graph is made by Continue Reading

Started to integrate Redkite GUI toolkit for Geonkick

I have finished these days to extend the Pimpl Pattern for the Redkite GUI toolkit in order to solve the problem of two many memory allocations due to inheritance. The problem was if you use standard Pimpl and have say 5 depth inheritance like A->B->C->D->E then when constructing object E, Continue Reading

Thinking about a GUI toolkit for audio plugins

There are a list of problems regarding developing a GUI plugin as shared library that will be loaded by an application that uses the same toolkit or another. The toolkit has a global state, and when loaded into the address space of the application will get into conflict with the Continue Reading