Geonkick 1.5 Demo

Here I have published a video (with no voice) where I show how I made the percussion with Geonkick synthesizer in my last published track, i.e. how it works in real life. I don’t know why YouTube lowered the sound too much, increase the volume and choose HD settings. The Continue Reading

Geonkick 1.5 released

Here I have released the version 1.5 of Geonkick percussion synthesizer that now is based on Redkite GUI toolkit I have developed. It is free software released under GPLv3. Version 1.5 includes the following new features: LV2 plugin multi-layers (3 layers) oscillators phase modification Improvements: using Redkite GUI toolkit instead Continue Reading

First results of migration of Geonkick fom Qt to Redkite GUI toolkit

Today I have finished to migrate Geonkick from Qt to Redkite GUI toolkit. The next stage is to start to add new features to the Geonkick synthesizer. Here you can see my developed Redkite toolkit in action. Everything you see, widgets, interactions, buttons, knobs, real-time kick graph is made by Continue Reading