Developed Painter for Redkite with Cairo backend

Spent some time developing layout class that worked for some common cases, but there is a need to develop a more sophisticated and efficient algorithm for a dynamic layout. Thus, I decided to put apart for now the development of Redkite Layout and concentrate on more essential things.

Today I have finished the development of RkPainter and RkImage classes. RkPainter can paint on RkWidget and on RkImage. All this using Cairo graphics as back-end that is cross-platform. I expected to take me more time to develop this feature but I was surprized that it was easy, ind it just worked from the first try. Of course, there are lot of features to be added to RkPainter but for know is enough in order to continue to develop the Geonkick synthesizer with Redkite. Now Redkite also has RkLabel that can show text and image if it set. I need RkLabel in order to put the Geonkick logo and develop other parts that will use RkLabel, or widgets with images as background.

Next with the development of Geonkick I’ll add features to RkPainter. Also to develop a base push button class to be able to implement check-boxes, and buttons.