First impressions about VST3 SDK

There days started to develop the code for a VTS3 plugin for Geonkick synthesizer. As C++ interface it seemed to feel easier to use, event thought I haven’t added nothing into the interface yet and don’t know exactly. My goal was first to develop the CMake parts for Geonkick to integrate and generate a VST3 bundle, and to see if it will be found by the FL Studio that seems to support VST3. At the end and it worked, FL Studio sees the plugin. During this process I started to have a feeling that this SDK is not very well designed first from the point of view of deployment to be used by users, it feels more like a part of code that is used in a bigger project, and just given to users. I don’t know about how is to develop further with it, what features it has, but for now I expected something different from a library like this level.

I believe that there should be a better standard for plugins that to be used as cross platform. LV2 is a candidate for this. I think to support LV2 probably I’ll compile LV2 plugin also for Windows, I don’t know what is the status about this possibility.