Started to integrate Redkite GUI toolkit for Geonkick

I have finished these days to extend the Pimpl Pattern for the Redkite GUI toolkit in order to solve the problem of two many memory allocations due to inheritance. The problem was if you use standard Pimpl and have say 5 depth inheritance like A->B->C->D->E then when constructing object E, there will be 6 allocations. Fixing this, now when creating E there will only 2 allocations, one for interface and one for pimpl pointer.

Today did first integration into Geonkick and the window created by Redkite is shown for standalone and LV2 plugin. Of course, for now I have only the main window for Geonkick that receives the and process events form mouse, keyboard, pain events etc. From there I’ll start to implement new basic widgets for Redkite toolkit and use them and extend in Geonkick to re-create what was done in Geonkick version 1.0 with Qt. It is and exciting thing to do this!