Started to develop the Redkite GUI toolkit

These days I have started to develop a small GUI toolkit for my projects. I called it Redkite that refers to red kite bird. Defined some main structure and ideas. Started first to interface with X Windows for now, and than when the first working stage will be reached, I’ll add also the Win API support. It is really interesting o develop such things.

Here are some requirements ideas that makes this toolkit to differ from common ones. Also, these requirements makes possible to develop self sufficient GUI plugins suitable for audio plugins apart of the common usage.

  • Must not have a global state. Many instances of the sample toolkit version or different must be able to run without problems in the sample process address a space. No static global variables or other interference.
  • Can be linked statically into a shred library that uses the tookit and that shared library to be loaded dynamically. Loading these kinds of shared libraries (linked against the same tookit version or not) in the same address process space must run without problems, there must be no interference between toolkit instances and versions.
  • Can be linked statically.